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Exploring Forest Gardens in Chile – The Huerto Forestal

Many english speakers are not familiar with the concept of a Huerto so I thought I’d start to showcase some of the fantastic Huertos that I have seen here in Chile.

Productive Huerto in Hualqui

Productive Huerto in Hualqui

In Spanish, a Huerto is a site of Horticultural cultivation. The term can encompass vegetable gardens at home, school gardens and even market garden scale operations. Infact, unlike in Australia, most farms here have a defined, large Huerto with a fence around it to exclude animals and a great mix of broad bed crops (corn, beans, potatos, Tomatos) and picking bed crops (lettuce, onions, strawberries, basil). In addition to these invaluable vegetable crops many of these Huertas include flowers and fruit trees. Continue reading

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