Agroforestry Design

Seed Head Design work with consultants with professional training and experience in Agroforestry Projects in Australia and South America. With our professional training we can help you manage your existing forest expertise and experience in private native forestry projects, ecological thinning and selective logging.


Agroforestry adds to the long-term viability of a property by introducing long-term, resiliant crops, providing shelter for livestock, increasing the aesthetics of  a farm and producing timber and fuelwood for use on farm.




Additionally, we can help with the design, implementation and management of tree planting for habitat, windbreaks, tree crops, timber plantations and woodlots. We can also stack these functions together in the same forest.


From woodlots, revegetation work, carbon farming, forest gardens and timber plantations, Seed Head Design has what it takes to move your project from its conception to completion.

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