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Here are some of the publications that I have had in my time working in Ecology and other Endevours. I hope in the future to self-publish a book about the Forest Gardens that exist in south east Australia. Stay Tuned.

Freezing Injury in a warming climate

Here is a radio interview that I did with Radio Pilchue in Pucon about the wonders of Forest Gardening. Its in spanish so maybe it can be used as a learning tool for non’spanish speakers. Especially if you know the concepts of Forest Gardening.
Aquí está un entrevista yo y Vero cumplamos para Radio Pilchue. Nosotros hablamos para muchas cosas interesante para enseñar los escuchadores el principios de bosque comestible y Huerto Forestal.

permacultura Radio Puelche




Here are learning tools that I have developed to teach Forest Gardening Principles to Students from all backgrounds. I hope that you find them useful in your learning journey about Forest Gardening. I’d appreciate any thoughtful feedback that you can offer.

Plant Family Game – Descriptions


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