Talking TEDx

Exciting news for Forest Gardeners everywhere. I will be talking at the TEDx Conference in Canberra on the 11th of October. I am presenting on a theme I am very passionate about “Forest Garden City”. My presentation outlines what forest gardening is and how it can be integrated into our cities and urban areas to provide food and ecological services to our cities into the future.

Teaching in the gardens

A smaller cohort than the 600 attendees that will be at TEDx Canberra

Given the conferences theme of uncharted I felt that food production was a good topic as we are going to need some creative design thinking to develop food production solutions for the future. I will also be discussing and showcasing my work in 2008 with the National Tropical Botanic Gardens in Hawai’i where I studied Polynesian Food Production systems.

If you’d like to come along register here:

There are a whole range of great speakers including myself. A full outline of all the presenters is available here:


Hope to see you there.

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One thought on “Talking TEDx

  1. wendy says:

    Yay Harris!! You will be great!
    Kim and Wendy Muffet

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